Lawn Installation – Should I Sod or Seed

This question is best decided by the time of year you are doing your project and what variety of grass you desire.  In North Carolina the best time to plant Fescue is in September.  We have a small window to plant fescue after the hot temperatures and before the leaves fall.  Fescue can be sodded all fall and winter long if you miss this window.  We try not to plant fescue sod in the spring.  If it is spring time you might want to consider a warm season turf or wait until September to start your fescue lawn install.

If you desire a warm season turf such as Bermuda or Zoysia these grasses are best planted in the late spring and summer.  Bermuda and Zoysia can take many years to establish from seed.  We suggest sodding these grasses unless the size of your project makes this unaffordable.  Bermuda sod can be planted all year long even when it is dormant.  Zoysia sod can be a little more finicky.  Zoysia turf is susceptible to winter kill.  This means if the turf does not establish deep enough roots during it’s growing season it can be stunted or killed during dormancy.  For this reason we try to have all of our zoysia installed by the end of July to limit the liability of this happening.

Get a new lawn or Raleigh lawn renovation by Evergreen!If you lawn is not in that bad a shape, maybe a renovation is all that is needed.  Our lawn renovation services are an affordable, efficient way to get back the lush, green lawn you want! If a lawn contains 50% or more good grass, most of the time it can be renovated.   We remove all weeds, topdress the area with topsoil, fertilize and reseed. Once the seed has germinated we suggest that you sign up for one of our lawn treatment packages. This ensures that the money you spent in renovation is not lost by improper care.

If your lawn has been neglected for too long it might be necessary to sod. To ensure proper installation we kill existing weeds and remove the existing turf, add soil amendments if necessary, and roll out a fresh carpet of sod.

Evergreen will help you decide on the best grass type for the appearance, functionality and maintenance goals you have for your home’s lawn. There are many types of grasses out there, but the three most popular for new lawns are:

Fescue – A cool season grass that stays green all year long. Requires lots of water or partial shade. Needs to be reseeded once a year.

419 Bermuda – A warm season grass that is only green May – November. Requires 75% sunshine and is somewhat drought tolerant. Reproduces itself aggressively.

Zoysia – A warm season grass that is only green May – November. Requires 75% sunshine and is somewhat drought tolerant. Reproduces itself.  Available in wide and thin blade varieties to give you the look you desire.

Raleigh St. Augustine – The most cold tolerant of all the St. Augustine varieties. It grows slow and has excellent shade tolerance-requiring a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight. Dense growth habit is excellent for discouraging weeds.


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